Assessment Level 2 Countries

Assessment Level-2 Countries

Foreigners holding ordinary passports issued by the following Assessment Level II Countries will require a visa to enter Singapore:
  • Afghanistan 
  • Algeria 
  • Bangladesh* 
  • Egypt 
  • Iran 
  • Iraq 
  • Jordan* 
  • Lebanon 
  • Libya 
  • Morocco 
  • Pakistan 
  • Saudi Arabia+ 
  • Somalia 
  • Sudan  (Not accepted currently)
  • Syria  (Not accepted currently)
  • Tunisia* 
  • Yemen

  • Holders of: 
    • Palestinian Authority Passport 
    • Temporary Passport issued by the United Arab Emirates 
    • Refugee Travel Documents issued by Middle-East countries
*Holders of Diplomatic, Official and Service passports are exempted from visa requirements.
+Holders of Diplomatic passports are exempted from visa requirements.

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