Frequently Asked Questions

Singapore VISA


Q1. What is e-VISA?

Answer: Electronic visa for countries approved by ICA Singapore. Click here for list of approved countries.

Q2. What does e-VISA look like?

Answer: This will be sent to you by e-mail or you can collect hard copy from our office. CLICK HERE to see a sample of e-visa.

Q3. What does Sticker VISA look like?

Answer: See one now! This will be sent to you by courier or you can collect hard copy from our office.

Q4. Do you arrange e-VISA over night and during weekends / public holidays?

Answer: Yes, there is no extra charge for e-VISA processing at this times.

Q5. Why is e-VISA EXPRESS service only available to limited countries?

Answer: ICA Singapore classifies countries as Level-1 or  Level-2. e-VISA EXPRESS service is only available to Level-1 countries. For Level-2 countries processing time is 9-12 working days.

Q6. Why is the cost of your service different to other visa application companies?

Answer: For discussion of our visa processing fees please contact us.

Q7. What is the full scope of your service ?

Answer: We provide visa processing services. Through our smart partnership we are also able to provide transport, accommodation and tours arrangement services.

Q8. If my visa application is rejected, may I know why?

Answer: Reasons for visa application rejection are not revealed by ICA Singapore, therefore we are unable to tell you why.

Q9. If my visa application is rejected, can I get a refund of my payment?

Answer: Money paid by you has already been used to process the visa application, therefore there is no balance left for refund.

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